The Rebbe’s Torah at your Fingertips

Lahak Hanachos, the force behind a formidable project which aims to make all of the Rebbe’s sichos, maamarim and reshimos available online, has revitalized this project with a sophisticated and user friendly search engine.

As Gimmel Tammuz approaches, a special announcement has been causing waves worldwide.

The Rebbe’s Torah is endless. To date, there are 39 published volumes of Likutei Sichos, 33 volumes of Igros Kodesh, 108 volumes of farbrengens, 4 volumes of Maamarim Mugahim, 22 volumes of Maamarim in chronological order , 9 volumes of Reshimos, and more. Although each volume has detailed indexes, searching for a particular topic throughout all the books is a very difficult task.

In recent years, a portion of the Rebbe’s Torah has been uploaded to various websites, such as, otzar hachochma, and, but the pages are mostly in PDF format, making a search much more difficult.

Beginning some five years ago, through the generosity of the renowned philanthropist Mr. Yitzchak Miralashvili, Lahak Hanachos – under the leadership of Rabbi Chaim Shaul Brook – has slowly but surely been uploading the full text of the Rebbe’s Torah which has been published under their auspices online. 

Close to seventy volumes have been uploaded so far. There are currently four thousand segments on the website, half of them in text format, allowing for an easy search in the text of the Sicha or Maamar, or even in the footnotes. (Slowly but surely, the work continues to enable search through all volumes.)

Now, anyone can type a desired word or concept into the search, and immediately be presented with a comprehensive list of results. also contains the Sichos published each week which are emailed to tens of thousands of subscribers and published in Chabad centers worldwide. It also contains the new Maamarim of the Rabbeim that have been printed by Kehos over the past decade.


In our conversation with Lahak Hanochos, they noted that the content uploaded in this project is geared to enhance access to the Rebbe’s Torah through their approved channels. One example of such collaboration: Courtesy of Lahak, the summaries of all weekday Farbrengens and other talks by the Rebbe are now available beside the restored full-length audio of the Rebbe at JEM’s

The precedent for release of published materials specifically and exclusively under the purview of the publishing organization was repeatedly set by the Rebbe himself over the course of many decades. All other uses – copying for personal or public use; publishing digitally, in print or any other type of publishing – may be done only with the express, written, consent of Lahak. Any other use constitutes geneivah, gezeilah, etc., and is forbidden by the Torah. Any inquiries on the topic can be sent to [email protected]

The development of the website was made possible through the generosity of Mr. Yitzchok ben Leah and his wife, Mrs. Rivkah Vikah bas Rachel and their children.

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