The Rebbe’s Request for Chof Av

40 years ago, the Rebbe established Tiferes Zekainim in memory of his father. Through their numerous activities throughout the year, the organization brings the joy of yiddishkeit to hundreds of seniors.

40 years ago, the Rebbe established the organization Tiferes Zekainim Levi Yitzchak in memory of his father.

While Tiferes Zekainim is most known for their network of Kollels, their efforts are not limited to frum communities.  

There is an additional branch of the organization that is dedicated to providing programming for Jews of all types and backgrounds.

Throughout the entire year, activities and services bring the joy of yiddishkeit to hundreds of seniors.

Rabbi Menachem Gerlitzky is responsible for organizing the various programs and activities and has seen firsthand the difference that it makes in the lives of the participants.

Tiferez Zekainim is currently holding a fundraiser to help secure the funds needed to ensure that their activities can continue to function in a sustainable manner.

The Rebbe wrote in a letter that it is his obligation to request that on the day of Chof Av Chassidim should learn from his father’s Torah, and to give Tzedakah in his Zechus. 

וכתב הרבי: “ועלי החוב והזכות גדול להציע ולבקש וכו’ – ללמוד בההתוועדות מתורתו, ולנדב ביומא דין לז”נ לזכות נשמתו]

Visit to participate.

Rabbi Gerlitzky has graciously offered a very precious prize to be raffled off to the participants in the campaign.

Any donation of $40 or more will automatically enter you into a raffle to receive a bottle of mashke from the Rebbe.

The contents of a bottle of mashke cannot be preserved over Pesach due to restrictions that apply to the selling of anything received from the Rebbe’s holy hand. As such, the lucky winner will receive the very bottle that the Rebbe gifted to an individual, without the mashke inside.

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