The Rebbe’s New Kapitel

Chassidim have a custom to recite the Rebbe’s Kapitel every day after Shacharis. Download a digital version of the upcoming Kapitel for free.

Celebrating the Rebbe’s 118th birthday, many chassidim have the custom to recite the Rebbe’s new Kapitel, Kuf Yud Tes–119, daily for the upcoming year.

Kapitel Kuf Yud Tes is the longest Kapitel in Tehillim. It’s written in the order of the Alef Beis, eight Pesukim for each letter. Hence, 22 letters of the Alef Beis x 8 Pesukim = 176 Pesukim.

Menachem Benchemon of has published in honor of the Rebbetzin’s birthday, a visually appealing Kapitel Kuf Yud Tes booklet, divided in a clear layout, encouraging and making it easier to recite daily.

Every 8 Pesukim are separated on its own page.
Each set of Pesukim are clearly labeled א ב ג etc.
Large, easy-to-read typeface.
Deluxe, silk laminated cover
Pocket size, 3.5 x 5.5

Download to your phone for free here.

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