The Rebbe on How to Prepare for Yud Shvat

Standing 30 days before Yud Shvat, many are looking for ways to prepare for this holy day. Watch the sichos where the Rebbe lays out the best ways to prepare.

In anticipation of the 70 year jubilee to the Rebbe’s leadership this upcoming 10 Shevat, communities around the world will be uniting through a unique initiative preparing to mark this day with personal, powerful action.

A global campaign was launched by the Vaad Or Vechom to promote communal learning of the Rebbe’s Torah with the goal of completing all of the Rebbe’s published Torah and to provide practical ways to reach out and connect with fellow Yidden in our respective cities with Torah, Mitzvos and Ahavas Yisroel.

In the days before Yud Shevat many people search for appropriate ways to prepare themselves, or for fitting resolutions to take upon themselves.

In these sichos, the Rebbe clearly lays out the best way to honor the day, making for a meaningful Yud Shevat for the individual and their family.

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