The Prime Minister’s Stop in 770

When Prime Minister Menachem Begin came to America to meet with President Carter, he made an important visit before heading to Washington, DC. Watch the full story.

Marking seventy years of the Rebbe’s leadership, a milestone which began this Yud Shvat, JEM launched an all-encompassing initiative to produce seventy short films exploring different slices of the Rebbe’s leadership over seventy weeks.

This week, the focus is on Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin’s visit with the Rebbe. In July 1977, Begin arrived in America for peace talks with US President Jimmy Carter, and Begin requested a meeting with the Rebbe to ask for a blessing and guidance. 

The film contains incredible footage of the meeting between the Rebbe and the Prime Minister, the dramatic events surrounding it, and first-hand accounts of the events that transpired.

Watch more of such films at, the home for JEM’s 70 Events. Ideas and Personalities. project.

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