The Only Yeshiva Open to International Students

With the approval of the French Government, the Brunoy Yeshiva opened for both local and international students. 350 bochurim spent the summer in the Alps, where they continued their learning with extra energy. 

The Brunoy Yeshiva spent the past three weeks in the Alps, enjoying the beautiful sights while continuing their learning.

The yeshiva in Brunoy is the largest yeshiva in Europe and one of the largest and oldest in the world. With the French government allowing the opening of educational institutions and the entry of students from foreign countries, all of the yeshiva’s 350 from across the globe were able to return to yeshiva after a brief lockdown.

This year, too, the yeshiva did not give up the annual custom of traveling to the French Alps. The yeshiva, together with all the staff members, moves to the mountains for three weeks where the yeshiva routines continues as usual in the calming atmosphere.

This week, after three weeks in the Alps, the students are returning to the Brunoy campus. They will remain there, with only a short summer break, until Rosh Hashanah.

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