The Most Cheerful App Around

Want to stay upbeat and present amid the turbulence? Sharing good news with the Rebbe daily via the BesurosTovos App rewires your brain to appreciate everything positive in your life.

By staff

Believe it or not we DO have the power to reverse this trend of ‘bad news’. Certainly on an individual level, and hopefully even on a communal level.

Amid this pandemic, it’s easy to fall prey to the bad habit of “Ein baal hanes makir biniso,” not recognizing Hashem’s miracles and falling into despair due to the many tragedies that have befallen us.

But the truth is, we each have blessings to count, from the simple and easily overlooked, to the more rare kindnesses of Hashem.

The Rebbe wrote about the importance and tremendous value of informing him of good news:

“It would be better for all involved if Chassidim would accustom themselves to write and notify [the Rebbe] of all happy occasions, and then this way of writing would become natural to them and they would see a difference in their daily lives as well in a happy and positive direction, that there will be more joy in their lives.”

Sharing our good news with the Rebbe is a simple and practical way to bring the good into focus, encouraging us to thank Hashem for all our blessings.

Along with it comes tremendous empowerment and an overall positive sense of well-being. Another major benefit is increased emuna and bitachon, as we begin seeing our daily lives through a G-dly lens, reminding us that Hashem is ultimate goodness.

Thanks to the Besuros Tovos app, telling the Rebbe good news has never been easier.

Simply enter positive events into the app, which will then be printed and placed in the Ohel. The app sends reminders and inspiring quotes to help make this a daily habit, transform lives for the positive.

“[This is such] a wonderful idea,” says user Dr. Daniel Ganjian. “it gets us to start seeing the good that is so ever present in our lives.”

Another user describes the app as a “great mind shift to positive and happy lifestyle.”

Download the Besuros Tovos app for Apple and Android phones and transform your life starting today!

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