Influenced by the Rebbe’s Thoughts

A Moment With the Rebbe: When Reb Shmuel Aizik Popack began growing his beard, he was surprised to learn that unbeknown to him, the Rebbe’s thought had motivated his decision.

Motivated Through Thought

Reb Shmuel Aizik Popack owned a car rental company, and, in the early years, would provide a car for the Rebbe’s regular trips to the Ohel. At one farbrengen, the Rebbe mentioned this and encouraged him to say l’chaim.

The Rebbe then said out loud, “Some people I cannot influence, even by repeatedly talking to them. But him I affected just through thinking about him!”

Reb Shmuel Aizik was confused, but the Rebbe immediately clarified, “I am referring to the beard.”

Reb Shmuel Aizik, who had just then begun growing a full beard, was startled to learn that his personal decision was administered by the Rebbe’s thought.

The Rebbe then instructed him, “Stand up and start a niggun!”

(Toras Menachem vol. 39, page 74)

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