Keller Family Needs Your Help

Last Tuesday, Avrohom Keller checked into the hospital for a simple outpatient procedure. He hasn’t left. 

During the procedure, he experienced an allergic reaction and lost consciousness. He was put on a respirator and has just had a stroke. 

Avrohom ben Shterna Sara needs our tefillos. His family needs our help. 

Nechama Dina is valiantly splitting her time between her husband’s bedside and her ka”h eight children. (The oldest is in a wheelchair due to a brain tumor, the youngest is still a baby.)

YOU can help. Here’s how.

1) Her husband has always taken care of the bills. Now, she is alone in more ways than one. Three of her children are registered in overnight camp but now she can’t even cover her basic living costs. Donate at (write “Keller Family’ in the notes)

2) Older, capable, responsible girls are needed to help with childcare. 

3) Send supper. Sign up here.

Contact Chanel Lipskier, director of the CH Women’s Circle to be of further assistance. [email protected] or 718.778.6712  

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