The Disappearing Pain

Rebbetzin Rivkah assisted the sick and needy in the town of Lubavitch, earning her the title “Mother of Lubavitch.” Once someone deceived her, and she was delighted.

By Dovid ZaklikowskiHasidic Archives

Rebbetzin Rivkah Schneersohn was beloved in the town of Lubavitch. She was known to stand in the women’s section to listen to the maamorim of her illustrious son, the Rebbe Rashab. She also discreetly assisted the town’s sick and needy, which earned her the title “Mother of Lubavitch.”

A woman once came to the rebbetzin’s home and related that her son was sick and was craving something sweet to eat. “Please give me some dried fruits for him,” she said. The rebbetzin immediately asked her assistant to give the woman an assortment of dried fruits. 

The woman thanked them and departed, but something about her story struck the assistant as suspicious. That night, the assistant stopped at the woman’s home, and there, sure enough, beheld the entire family in perfect health, sitting around the table drinking tea and enjoying the dried fruits with their guests. 

Disturbed, the assistant went directly to inform the rebbetzin of what she had seen. The rebbetzin responded: “Nu? Boruch Hashem! I was pained by the child’s illness. Boruch Hashem the child is healthy.”

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