Thank You Crown Heights!

The mother of JJ Deitsch whose marriage to Fraida Jacobson was celebrated by the entire Crown Heights community, thank the “beautiful, strong and loving community who made my son’s and daughter in law’s wedding a night they will never forget.”

By Mrs. Sarah Deitsch, mother of JJ Deitsch

I cried. I cried all week. I cried tears of fear. I cried from worry. I cried from sadness. I cried in the corner, desperately trying to hide from my children.

 Every mother dreams of a magnificent wedding for her child. Glorious, with hundreds of friends, family, music and food galore. But as the week progressed I saw less and less of that happening for my son. So I cried. I cried for him, I cried for us and most of all I cried for his kallah. I tried to stay strong for my son even though I think he was staying strong for me. Which should never be the case. Ever. But what is normal in these days of corona?!? And then Thursday came. The day that for months before, we were all waiting, all anticipating with so much excitement. But as the numbers of attendees dropped more and more I saw how tainted this Simcha would be. So I cried.

 As the makeup artist cancelled, the manicurist, photographer, music, venue…all gone barely any family, no grandparents and a few friends. That’s it. Although in quality that is beautiful and it made me feel hopeful, I just couldn’t get past the sadness, albeit so grateful to those who said yes.

But I can’t truly describe with adequate words why I am crying this morning. Is it for the love we were shown? The joy that was felt by “strangers” (Jews are never really strangers.) Is it for my son and his kallah who got a wedding of the likes they never, ever could have dreamed? Something so magical, beyond our imagination?! Or is it from gratitude? Gratitude to every person who came out, b’mesiras nefesh to be משמח the chosson and kallah?

Yes! That is what it is for me this morning.

It’s from gratitude. Deep, visceral, gut wrenching gratitude to this beautiful, strong and loving community who made my son’s and daughter in law’s wedding a night they will never forget.

A night that they will iy’h tell their children was a wedding like no other, ever. So thank you, my dear brothers and sisters. Thank you for the pure and unbridled joy you instilled in us. Thank you for helping us dance with utter happiness and profound joy. Thank you for taking my children and making them feel like your own. You danced and sang and celebrated like they are your sister and brother.

I know Hashem will reward you for doing such a great mitzvah in such a dangerous time. Thank you for changing my tears of sadness to tears of deep and boundless gratitude. Thank you for giving my 2 young sons the chance to say “Mommy, that was the best wedding!” Thank you all for showing us that the Crown Heights community is so precious, beautiful, loving, and full of Ahavas Yisroel.Thank you for making a kiddush Lubavitch for all of our Jewish OSU students who were watching the magic happen. Moshiach has the perfect reason to come. RIGHT NOW! I believe The Rebbe would be proud. It was a true showing of כאן צווה ה את הברכה!  

I feel truly blessed and showered with love. So thank you! Again and again and again. Thank you. This experience is etched in my family’s mind forever. So thank you.

With love and adoration and humility,
Sarah Deitsch

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