Thank You Bikur Cholim

A woman whose husband was hospitalized for over 5 weeks with COVID-19 thanks Bikur Cholim of Crown Heights for their outstanding and thoughtful care.

Dear Bikur Cholim members, 

Where shall I begin? The last few months have not only been an emotional roller coaster, but also physically challenging in so many ways. 

We were BH blessed with a baby recently. Our precious son was born with several complications, after a difficult pregnancy. 

If dealing with these health challenges postpartum was difficult, it was nothing in comparison to dealing with all of this, and so much more, with my husband hospitalized with Covid-19, for five weeks now. 

Pulling Pesach together, caring for others at home, rushing to and from medical appointments for the baby were all challenges to be faced alone, amidst nerves and prayers for my husband’s recovery. 

Honestly, I am not sure that I would have pulled through, without the help of each one of you at Bikur Cholim. You stepped in and swung into action, helping in ways that I myself could not have even been wise enough to ask for.  

Running errands for household items, organizing meals for the family, sending meals to my husband, providing an iPad for my daughters homeschooling, helping relieve the financial burdens we are facing, covering travel expenses, sending volunteers to help with the baby, cleaning help and they even went so far as to organize gifts for the hospital staff (a small but important detail that I definitely wouldn’t have managed on my own)! 

Aside from the tremendous feeling of relief that we feel thanks to your generous and constant assistance, you have also been my rock. This situation is emotionally challenging, and your team was there for me with ongoing emotional support, helping me to keep moving forward and hold down the fort, even when the going gets really tough. 

No words will ever be sufficient to thank you for what you have done. And no material gifts either.  Only HKBH Himself is able to reward this unconditional kindness that you have bestowed upon my family and I, and so many hundreds of other families in similar situations. So, may you and your families all be blessed with an abundance of brochos in all areas of your lives, and in the merit of your holy work and pure chessed, may we finally merit the complete Geulah, when finally, your services will no longer be needed! 

Forever indebted, 

Rivkah M.

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