Texas Shluchim Family Greet 50th Member

By Anash.org reporter

It’s become a tradition now in the “Lone Star” state. For the last several years now, shluchim from all across the state of Texas get together once a year for what they call “a fabrengen.” It’s just that; 24 hours of farbrengens for men, a 24-hour program for the shluchos, and 24 hours of fun and learning for the young shluchim.

At the farbrengen, shluchim meet friends and speak about challenges that come up throughout the year. They’re one big family. Texas is a big state, you can go a whole year and not see your fellow Texas shliach. So for some shluchim it’s the only time they see each other. At the helm is head shliach Reb Shimon “Shimen’ke” Lazaroff, who always entertains his shluchim. Two years ago, there were 42 families in the Texas shluchim family, bli ayin harah.

This year, the programs took place at Chabad of Plano and Chabad of Dallas, starting around noon on Sunday, 1 Elul, with lunch. During the day, the 50th shlichus family was announced by Rabbi Lazaroff, Rabbi Sholom and Chaya Block, who will be opening Chabad of Allen & McKinney, under the auspices of Chabad of Plano. A 51st family was announced as being “on the way.”

Special guest Rabbi Naftoli Silberberg then addressed the shluchim on the topic of “Eight tips for creating, structuring, and delivering a successful shiur Torah.” He also farbrenged later that evening with the shluchim.

At the gathering, JLI‘s local region presented and shared new ideas with the shluchim on the topic of “What’s different and exciting about the 5780 courses?” Followed by a unique video presentation.

Sessions pertaining to Texas shlichus and their opportunities followed throughout the day. Shluchim also heard from Baaleibatim, what they want to see and hear from their shliach, and how to reach them more effectively.

Shluchim families returned home Monday afternoon refreshed and rejuvenated.

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