Teva Tours Transforms East Coast

Every couple of years, parents who’ve heard about the exciting adventures of Teva Tours manage to convince Mrs. Gourarie to plan another trip for their daughters who have recently entered high school. Word spread that the traveling camp’s last exhilarating trip through US East Coast was wonderfully successful…and the phone has been ringing with parents begging for another inspirational trip.

Mrs. Chayale Gourarie’s exciting traveling Teva Tours for high school girls is gearing up for an 12th season of adventure, this time for a 2 week exhilarating trip through National Parks in New York, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine, including White Mountain National Forest: Mount Washington and Acadia National Park.

When Mrs. Gourarie established her tour of America’s National Parks in 5757 (1997), her focus was on experiencing Hashem’s breathtaking wonders through a chassidishe lens. That hasn’t changed. Teva’s motto is ‘Transforming Your Nature Through Nature.’ “So much can be learned from nature that we can apply to our own personal growth,” explains Mrs. Gourarie. “In these 2 weeks we’re going to strengthen and energize our ‎‎עשׂר כּוחות הנפשׁ, the 10 Powers of the Soul.”

“I frequently hear that people feel that Teva changed their life,” she says, “I’m not surprised, it’s changed mine, too. How can it not? What can be more inspiring than learning and growing while in the splendor of Hashem’s creations? Our activities are done in the spirit of ‘S’u marom eineichem u’reu mi boro eileh!’ Lift your eyes heavenward and see Who created these. Our goal is to provide an unforgettable experience that combines the adventure of true camping with a deep appreciation for Hashem’s creations and a greater understanding of oneself.”

Teva’s daily shiurim include Chitas, Tanya b’al peh and Inyonei Geulo Umoshiach. New friendships blossom around the camp fire farbrengens under starry skies. One of the highlights along the way is meeting and farbrenging with the Rebbe’s shluchim, who always welcome and inspire us.

Teva is a roving camp, this year they’ll be traveling in comfortable, air-conditioned vans, stopping to camp in tents and hike in majestic forests along the way. They’ve had lots of practice planning and packing for these trips and they serve tasty, nutritious, hearty meals – even in the boondocks. In addition to adult supervision, their experienced counselors are chassidishe girls who know how to have fun!

Mrs. Gourarie is planning an intimate group, first timers will be given preference, and space is VERY limited. Camp dates are from Thursday, Rosh Chodesh Tammuz through Wednesday, Yud Daled Tammuz (July 4th-July 17).  Don’t wait another minute! For more information you can e-mail the camp administration at [email protected] or call 563-213-8309. Please note that e-mail communication is strongly preferred!

לע״נ יוסף יצחק בּן שׁלום דובער

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