American Temimim Conquer the Northern Border

Photos by: Fishel Kleinman

American bochurim from Tzfas brought tefillin and Sefer Torah letters to the soldiers stationed along the northern border of Eretz Yisroel.

Last Friday, the American bochurim from the Tzfas yeshiva, headed towards the border of Eretz Yisroel and Lebanon to the IDF forces deployed along the border, with the goal of spreading the Rebbe’s message and preparing the world for moshiach.

The bochurim moved from one camp to another and brought the soldiers Tefillin, Shabbos candles, Tzitzis, and letters in the Sefer Torah Haklali as protection.

The soldiers were overjoyed at the opportunity to do something to display their pride in their Yidishkeit and spend a moment connecting with Hashem amidst the war and terror. They thanked the bochurim for coming to spread the joy and light and provide hope and support in their time of need.

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