Tefillin Request Stirs Hearts and Inspires Action

Following Rabbi Kalman Weinfeld’s urgent request, dozens of pictures began pouring in of people donning tefillin in merit of a refuah sheleima for Rabbi Don Yoel Levy.

By Anash.org writer

Every Friday, anash and shluchim utilize a few hours of the day to conduct their weekly mivtza tefillin visits. Unfortunately, with a world pandemic raging, most have had to temporarily postpone this practice.

This week, Rabbi Kalman Weinfeld made an urgent request: in the merit of a complete and refuah for Rabbi Don Yoel Levy, everyone should reach out to aquaintances and ask them to put on tefillin.

Immediately, messages came pouring in from around the country.

“It’s amazing,” Rabbi Weinfeld told Anash.org. “I’ve been getting pictures from all over America.” He shared messages he received from shluchim whose balebatim were moved by his plea to take action.

“Your message is spreading quicker than the virus,” one shliach said.

Please continue to encourage everyone you know to put on tefillin and to say tehillim for Refael Don Yoel ben Tamar Malka, and for all cholei yisrael.

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