Tefillin on the Coast Highway

By Anash.org Writer

“You lose weight and I’ll put on tefillin!” This was a deal made between Rabbi Levi Cunin, shliach to Malibu, CA and producer Paul Maslansky 15 years ago. In the beginning, they had great results! Over time, however, both parties slipped, so last Chanukah the two shook hands once again.

Last week, Hashem sent them a boost – they noticed they were driving alongside each other on the highway! Rabbi Cunin made a tefillin-wrapping motion to Mr. Maslansky, who shook his head – no, he hadn’t laid yet – so the two pulled over to do the mitzvah for the day. 

Rabbi Cunin says this deal is great motivation for both of them; “We’re each on our own journey.”

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