Tefillin for the Last Afghan Jew

By Anash.org staff

When Ami writer Shloime Zionce visited Kabul, Afghanistan, he met Zabloun Simintov, who is believed to be the last Jew still living in Afghanistan.

While there, Shloime noticed that Zabloun’s tefillin were damaged and that he desperately needed a new pair. Shloime immediately launched a campaign to raise the funds to buy him a new pair of Kosher Tefillin, and then get it to him in Kabul. Any extra money was put towards sending kosher food that isn’t available in Afghanistan.

Prestige Embroidery generously created a Tefillin bag with a replica of the Afghanistan flag free of charge.

Before sending it, Shloime visited the Rebbe’s Ohel to share his special shlichus story.

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