New Kids Video: How to Make the Satan Powerless

Watch: The #1 secret to stop the Satan & the Yetzer Hara with Team Tzadikim, by Torah Luminations.

Team Tzaddikim are modern-day, Torah-centric adventures, created in Pixar-style animation that are kid-friendly for boys and girls ages 4 to 13. These videos are reviewed and approved by Rabbonim and Mechanchim.

In Episode 2: “How to Make the Satan Powerless,” kids will find out the true identities of Shmerel the Sky Gazer and The Yellow Kohein and become familiar with the top 5 most common, everyday tricks of the Satan and how to not be fooled by them!

In addition, kids will watch the new mitzvah program being started by Rabbi Eisenberg and Chezky Savitsky’s idea that will bring down the whole system of the Satan!

Part of the story for Episode 2 is taken from Talk and Tales Vol 1 No 11 Cheshvan, “Secret Service” pgs 7-10. “Team Tzaddikim” is for every child who wants to change the world for good. Follow the modern-day adventures as a group of Cheder boys are led by their Gemara Rebbe to spread the light of Torah, mitzvos and middos tovos to outwit the Satan and his mazikim.

Girls and boys can learn the tips and tricks to bring out their very best as well as to never be fooled by their Yetzer Hara, the Satan or his helpers. The premise of all “Team Tzaddikim” episodes is based on the Gemara (Niddah 30b) which states that before birth, the neshamah takes an oath to “Be righteous and to not be wicked.”

These episodes create opportunities for families to discuss by the dinner or Shabbos table, the beautiful Torah lessons that are so vividly portrayed. They take Yiddishkeit fundamentals that are often abstract for kids and provide day-to-day examples instead.

Torah Luminations’ mission is “We Make Yiddishkeit Real”.

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