Taub Brothers: Episode 3

Live at 9 pm: Brothers Rabbi Shais Taub and Itche Kadoozie creator Dovid Taub will discuss interesting topics related to the number three: the third month, three viewpoints, and the three stooges.

By Anash.org staff

Tonight at 9 pm ET, brothers Shais Taub and Dovid Taub will discuss a variety of topics that they find interesting.

Rabbi Shais Taub is an author, teacher, and speaker whose works appear on SoulWords.org. Dovid Taub is an animator and puppeteer well known as the creator of the Itche Kadoozie show.

This third installment of our show is all about threes! Why was Torah given in the third month? Why does discovering the truth require three viewpoints? Why are there three stooges and to which three sefiros do they correspond according to kabbalah?

This episode is dedicated in memory of Moshe ben Shlomo Nasan HaLevi (Moe Howard.)

Buckle up for this 34-minute whirlwind conversation of deep Torah ideas and humor that moves so quickly from subject to subject you’ll have to watch three times just to catch it all.

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