Tanya Started on Beth Israel’s 7th Floor Finished 30 Years Later

On the 30th Anniversary of Gimmel Tammuz, a group of Chassidim finished printing a Tanya that was started over 30 years ago on the same floor of Beth Israel Hospital where the Rebbe stayed.

By Anash.org reporter

When the Rebbe was hospitalized in Taf Shin Nun Daled, chassidim wanted to print a Tanya on the seventh floor of Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital in honor of the Rebbe’s recovery, but it was never finished. Today, in honor of the 30th anniversary of Gimmul Tammuz, the Tanya on the seventh floor was finally printed to completion.

Originally, the Tanya printing was started after the Rebbe was admitted to Beth Israel. The project was undertaken in honor of Yud Aleph Nissan for the Rebbe’s birthday, but soon after, the Rebbe’s condition deteriorated and the project came to an abrupt halt. The sefarim were not bound and their location was unknown.

Recently, Mount Sinai bought out Beth Israel Hospital and is now planning to sell it. The sale was going to take place on July twelvth, so a group of chassidim wanted to chap arein the opportunity to finish what they started. On Gimmel Tammuz they went to the seventh floor once again and did a complete printing of the Tanya.

The group that arranged the printing included Rabbi Zalman Chanin of Vaad Lahafotzas Sichos, Rabbi
Shmuel Butler, Rabbi Yitzi Lowenthal of Chabad of Copenhagen, Denmark, Rabbi Yisroel Stone of Chabad of Manhattan’s Lower East Side, Dov Jacob and Rabbi Jacob Hoenig of Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital, Rabbi Meir Lerman of Chabad of East Village, Rabbi Zalman Lazaroff of Hatzalah, and Rabbi Shamshy Junik who merited to assist the Rebbe and Rebbetzin for many years.


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