Tanya Printed at U.S. Embassy

By Anash.org reporter

On the day of the Alter Rebbe’s yartzeit, US Ambassador to Israel Mr. David Friedman hosted a special printing of the Tanya, at the United States embassy in Yerushalayim.

Five Towns shliach Rabbi Zalman Wolowik who is a close friend of Ambassador Friedman, led the printing of the Tanya, along with Rabbi Shloime Peles.

Director of Merkos Suite 302 Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, R’ Shmuel Aizenberg and R’ Mendy Peles, were also there for the ceremony.

As the first sheets came out, the group studied together from the first few chapters of Tanya.

Since the 1970s Chabad Shluchim and individuals have taken up the Rebbe’s call and Tanyas have been printed in thousands of locations, some as remote as Trinidad and recently even in the Arab statelet of Qatar.

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