Talmidim Hashluchim Arrive in Postville

After a long journey comprising of a flight from New York to Milwaukee and a 4 hour bus journey, the shluchim to Yeshivas Beis Shalom of Postville, Iowa have arrived with plans to give the bochurim a phenomenal year.

The shluchim of 5780 are Betzalel Chaikin, Yosef Chaim Singer, Yisroel UzvolkShmuli TaichmanChilik HoltzmanYossi PlotkeYekusiel Cohen and Laibel Shemtov. They have big goals for this year as they aim to help the bochurim find their chayus and fulfillment in being committed Yidden and Chassidim.

To achieve this, they are focusing on learning with the talmidim, making them feel at home, and keeping a steady flow of farbrengens, mivtzoyim, shabatons and shiurim to engage and inspire them.

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