TAG Volunteer Shares Prides, Woes

A TAG Volunteer writes a letter to Klal Yisroel about his experience being on the front lines of the Coronavirus pandemic, protecting our community’s spiritual health, the heartwarming scenes, the pain, and the way forward.

Dear Klal Yisroel,

I am neither in the Medical Field, nor a First Responder.

Yet I feel like I have been on the front lines during Covid-19, serving Klal Yisroel with their technological needs.

People needed more devices, more phones, and more home internet access; yet they made sure to maintain their standards in technology. I’ve been privy to the most heartwarming scenes, where people have waited in long lines, and refused to take home devices that weren’t properly filtered.

All of that was so heartwarming.

But now that some time has gone by, I’m hearing about the fallouts.

Countless Parents and Mechanchim have shared their pain with me about what the new reality has done to their children. There is so much pain. So, so much pain.

Parents who thought their devices were well protected – and found out too late that they weren’t all that well filtered.

Mechanchim, whose students have confided with them about how they have used Technology,.

Teenagers who can never unsee what they’ve seen.

The fallouts are real and very, very ugly. It will take an enormous amount of time, money, and effort, to help our affected children get back onto the Derech Hakodesh.

My hope, with this letter, is to prevent additional suffering.

I am begging all of you: If you made concessions during Covid-19 due to necessity, make an ironclad kabbalah to go back to your careful standards as soon as you can.

Let us not wait until the repercussions are too difficult to deal with.

May all Cholei Yisroel be Zoche to a Refuah Sheleima.

Written by a TAG Volunteer in the USA

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