Support the Mikvah and Win a Rebbe Dollar

Sarcelles Village, France, is inviting you to participate in the building of its mikvah, which is nearing completion. All sponsors will enter a raffle for a dollar from the Rebbe.

Sarcelles Village, France, has almost completed its mikvah!

With the goal of raising the missing funds, the town’s shluchim are raffling off 11 Rebbe dollars on Tuesday, 3 Sivan.

Please support the mikvah, earn a tremendous zechus as well as a chance at a dollar from the Rebbe!

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In addition, the shluchim received a $10 bill from the Rebbe’s holy hand for the purpose of expanding Chabad institutions in France. This note, set in a beautiful frame, is being offered to one who partners with the mikvah building by donating $10k.

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