Sunday: Chabad Girls Worldwide Unite

Project Knei Lecha Chaver for Chabad girls will be holding their first English farbrengen on Sunday, 15 Sivan/June 7, at 4 pm EST, featuring: Rabbi Berel Lazar, Rabbi Nissan Dovid Dubov and Mrs. Yehudis Bluming.

It’s simple, it’s quick- and it’s MASSIVE!

Moshiach is coming. We’re ready. We’re waiting. The Rebbe told us exactly what to do during this time: Learning and Achdus!

Enter Knei Lecha Chaver.

Started and run by Chaya Mushka Slonim and Brochie Lazar, they initially began in Hebrew, soon after expanding to French, Spanish, and Portuguese. We are so excited to announce that the program has just opened up to girls from America, Canada, England, Australia, and any other English speakers.

Join Kne Lecha Chaver and be part of:

  • A weekly duch to the Rebbe with the names of all who learned that week.
  • A special international farbrengen with a chance to win a Rebbe dollar/coin!

What exactly is this? Just do what you may even already be doing, and take it one level up!

Girls have the option of signing up with an existing learning partner, or they can get paired up with someone their age.

Another option is to sign up as part of Project Connect, an incredible program that arranges learning between older/younger girls.

After you learn, one of the partners fill out a quick google form and are automatically entered into the weekly duch, along with thousands of others.

Our first English farbrengen will take place this Sunday, 15 Sivan/June 7.
Beginning at 4 pm EST, this farbrengen will be featuring:
Rabbi Berel Lazar – Head Shliach to Russia
Mrs. Yehudis Bluming – Shlucha to University of North Carolina
Rabbi Nissan Dovid Dubov- Shliach to Wimbledon, UK

ZOOM Link:

1,500 girls have joined this revolution.
Are you one of them?


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