Live: 13 Tammuz Children’s Moshiach Rally

Join Live 1:30 PM ET: Yud Gimmel Tammuz Children’s Moshiach Rally with Rogers Park Band, Chuck the Ventriloquist and his puppet Ziggy, Rabbi Baruch Hecht of Morristown, and more surprises. 

Join children worldwide for The Yud Gimmel Tammuz Children’s Moshiach Rally, hosted by BeMeshichai, Chabad division of the Children’s Geula Gathering.

This Sunday, 13 Tammuz, July 5th! 

10:30 am PDT
1:30 pm EDT
6:30 pm UK
8:30 pm Israel 

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Our presenters:
Rogers Park Band 
Chuck the Ventriloquist and his puppet Ziggy
Rabbi Yoey Muchnik – One Man Band
Rabbi Baruch Hecht from Morristown 
Rabbi Yaakov Cahnman
And MORE surprises !!!

Halachic guidance on the project is from Rabbi Yosef Y Shusterman. 

This program is certain to be a hit ! It is weaved with humor, music, and tochen. We are proud to have Rebbe videos in the show and camps joining to do the 12 pesukim.  

BeMeshichai is the new Chabad division of The Children’s Geula Gathering. The goal is to excite children about Moshiach, and to empower them to know they have the ability to make it happen – just like they helped save the Jewish people in the time of Mordechai, and in other times of Jewish history!!

“Al Tigu B’Meshichai.” Children are called Meshichai because their inner spark of Moshiach is revealed giving them a powerful ability to bring Moshiach to the world. 

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It is our generation that will greet Moshiach. Let’s make it happen, especially with the children! Moshiach Now! 

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