Summer Sensation in Monsey

For several First Graders in the Monsey area, summer spells fun and learning.

These pioneer children did not leave school behind, ending their lessons which they spent months learning. Instead, they joined an exciting program, new to this age group of young boys, which was developed and is being run by dedicated educators – where they are gaining a fun-filled summer experience, combining learning and exciting camp activities in a strong Chassidishe environment.

As the sun beckons these children outdoors, their structured morning starts with Torah learning and continues with the classic camp sports and stimulating activities, which define the typical camp experience. Combining Torah learning with camp activities in helping each child develop their strengths and innate abilities.

Filled with purpose and confidence in their roles as Chayolei Tzivos Hashem, these young campers are met each day with activities arranged for their afternoon schedule, designed to enhance their gross motor, fine motor, and cognitive skills – leading to a general sense of wellbeing and mastery of their environment.

With vigor and zeal, these children transition from their formal schedule, which includes; Davening, listening to Chassidishe stories, and continuity in their Chumash lessons until 12:30 – to an exciting array of activities; basketball, swimming, creative art projects, ongoing trips, and more for the rest of the day .

Positive reinforcement is an active ingredient in motivating children to higher achievement, and prizes are given generously.
Buoyed by the enthusiasm of their dedicated rebbi, Rabbi Yehudah Blotner, these first graders attending this dynamic camp are influenced by the guidance and inspiration of the Rebbe, each and every day.

“The Rebbe’s vision of a summer camp for Jewish children was, that it should not be a break from learning” explains Rabbi Blotner in a compelling interview, “The Rebbe believes in each child’s potential, maintaining that without the pressure of secular subjects weighing down on them during the summer months, this is the most ideal time for children to devote themselves fully to Torah learning and absorbing lessons in Yiddishkeit.”

Inspired by the Rebbe’s view of how a summer should be spent, Mrs. Baila Keller designed this unique program for children, to help them fulfill their potential in Torah and Yiddishkeit throughout the summer months. Under her able leadership, this summer program is hosted in the home of the Lipitz family, in Pomona New York, who are passionate about fulfilling the Rebbe’s ratzon. The Lipitz family generously donated the space needed for the learning and activities to take place. On spacious grounds, filled with the amenities, helpful for a camp to thrive, this summer camp for six and seven-year-old boys is going strong. 

What does it mean to be part of a summer camp for six and seven-year-old boys? It means learning Chumash, Farbrengens, theme of the week, Parshah, Kriah practice, coloring sheets on Jewish topics, and ‘regular’ camp activities.

It means learning together, playing together, sharing and caring for one another, and having a blast in a wholesome Chassidishe environment. With joy and laughter, and devotion to the Torah’s true ideals, these children remind us that learning Torah never ends. Not only that, but they are also teaching us about dedicating ourselves to higher growth in Torah and Yiddishkeit during whatever vacation days and ‘free’ moments that come our way.

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