Students Create Neshek Kits for Lori Kaye

Exactly one year ago, 50,000 newly designed Shabbos candle boxes were delivered to the Lubavitch Youth Organization. Each Shabbos candle box was ready to find a home to illuminate and in less than a year the 50,000 special and unique neshek kits found their home around the globe.

Many groups of elementary students from Lubavitch Youth Girls Clubs hit the streets on Fridays to share Shabbos candles with fellow Jewish women and girls. “It takes courage to leave my home and go on mivtzoim on a Friday afternoon, it takes even more courage for a stranger on the street to say yes I am Jewish! Stopping people on the street is hard enough, but when I was armed with these gorgeous boxes it made it so much easier, it feels like I’m giving a gift and the responses we get are just amazing!” says Mussia Rimler a member of LYO girls club. “As I light my Shabbos candles, it uplifts me knowing that I helped someone else light Shabbos candles as well.” 

When the girls first heard about the attack on Chabad of Poway, they immediately decided they had to do something special in memory of the victims and so they did. They went on mivtzoim with extra vigor and passion to light up the world.

That wasn’t enough, they also wanted to help fellow Lubavitchers to do the same. So they decided they wanted  Shabbos candle boxes in loving memory of Lori Kaye.

“It was incredible to see all the effort and dedication the girls put into making this project happen” says Rabbi Shlomo Freidman. They even raised some money and the printing process began.

Now, there are 50,000 new patterns of beautiful Shabbos candle gift boxes with gold stamping and embossing that have just arrived and are ready to find their home.  

On the top flap reads in memory of Lori Kaye and on the back of the boxes is written: “Light Dispels Darkness.” 

Let’s do just that! Spread the word! Share with family and friends and let’s light up the world and bring Moshiach!

Order. Share. Light. Repeat.

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