Students Create Displays for Long Island Car Parade

Families of Cheder Chabad Girls of Long Island spent the week leading up to Lag B’Omer preparing presentations on the 10 mivtzoim for the very first car parade through the streets of Lynbrook.

History was made in Lynbrook once again! Last year’s Lag B’Omer celebration featured the first-ever parade in Lynbrook celebrating Torah, Yiddishkeit, and Ahavas Yisroel as the girls of Cheder Chabad Girls of Long Island marched through the streets, saying Torah pesukim and waving banners spreading their message. While this year’s event was in its initial planning stages, things seemed bleak as coronavirus hit the area, and schools closed. How would we celebrate Lag B’Omer this year? 

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the principal, Mrs. Unsdorfer, and Tzivos Hashem Base Commander, Morah Rochel, Cheder Chabad Girls of Long Island had an unbelievable day of celebration! 

With the underlying message of the day being the theme of Ahavas Yisroel, the entire school was divided into groups featuring one student from each grade. Each group received one of the Lubavitcher Rebbes 10 mivtzoyim to research and present to others. In the week leading up to Lag B’Omer, Zoom breakout rooms and phone calls abound as each group coordinated, planned, and created slideshows or videoed their presentations to be presented on Lag B’Omer afternoon.

Yet the question still remained, was there a way we could celebrate in person while still adhering to all safety measures? And out of this, The CCGLI Car Parade was born. Each family received another mivtza that the Lubavitcher Rebbe stressed the importance of and asked his followers to spread to all Yidden. From mivtza tefillin, to shabbos candles to kashrus, each family decorated their car to display their mivtza. And so history was made once again as Cheder Chabad Girls of Long Island held their very first car parade through the streets of Lynbrook with music and beautiful car displays of Jewish pride. As the parade ended at the park, each family parked and remained in their car where together they said the 12 Torah Pesukim and then each received a delicious doughnut in honor of Chana Gurkov’s birthday. 

Although the parade was over, the programming wasn’t, and as everyone drove home to eat lunch and then meet up again on Zoom for their presentations. From poems to skits to slideshows, each presentation was outstanding and the effort put in shone through. 

A special thank you to the Lynbrook Police Department for their assistance in closing off streets so the car procession could safely pass over Peninsula Boulevard and through Lynbrook. Thank you to KolSave for sponsoring the delicious treats for each family that joined the parade and a big thank you to the Gurkov family for the doughnuts in honor of Chana’s 6th birthday. 

Cheder Chabad Girls of Long Island provides a full Chabad Lubavitch and academic education enabling our girls to truly blossom and reach their full potential and preparing them for the future. CCGLI is a relatively new school seeking to grow and continue its vital work in providing a top-level Torah, Chassidishe and academic education to serve Lubavitch girls across Long Island. Please support the school by purchasing a $36 raffle ticket at and view the selection of exciting prizes

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