Students Compete in Hilchos Tefillin Competition

The annual Chidon Halichos Olam took place in Oholei Torah zal last Thursday night. As parents watched, seventh graders from both Oholei Torah and Lubavitcher Yeshiva were quizzed on the halachos of tefillin.

Welcoming the parents and introducing the chidon, 7th-grade student Chanoch Eidelman spoke about how tefillin is compared to the entire Torah since the purpose of tefillin is to connect our hearts and mind to Hashem, which is essentially the purpose of all mitzvos.

The students on stage, who were thoroughly familiar with the halachos of tefilin, were drilled with all sorts of questions pertaining to tefillin: How do we know that tefillin must be square? What happens if one has only a tefilin shel rosh available? And many more.

Winners of the Chidon Halachos were awarded sets of seforim for their phenomenal achievement.

The winners were:

3rd place

Avraham Meir Hacohen Zarchi (ULY)

Shneur Zalman Teichman (ULY)

Menachem Mendel Halevi Levilev (ULY)

Yaakov Yehudah Raskin (ULY)

2nd place winners

Avraham Dovid Wilhelm (Oholei Torah)

Levi Yitzchok Moscowitz (ULY)

Sholom Ber Oster (Oholei Torah)

Menachem Mendel Karasik (ULY)

1st place winners

Shraga Telsner (Oholei Torah)

Daniel Sheiner (ULY)

Chanoch Eidelman (Oholei Torah)

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