Stop Projecting Your Issues: Heichaltzu Chapter 9

Watch: Rabbis Shmuly and Levi Avtzon discuss chapter 9 of ‘Hechaltzu’, the Rebbe Rashab’s treatise on achdus and ahavas yisroel.

In this week’s ‘Hechaltzu weekly’, presented by Sichos in English and, brothers Rabbi Shmuly and Levi Avtzon teach the 8th chapter of Hechaltzu, the Rebbe Rashab’s treatise on ahavas yisroel.

Brothers who Hate
Some times the biggest interpersonal issues are with those closest to us. How do we like the people we love?

Stop Projecting
What does chassidus say about projecting my own issues onto others?

️What insight can you glean from Heichaltzu chapter 9?

Shiur with Rabbi Levi Avtzon

VIDEO: Sichos In English Farbrengen/discussion

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