‘Start Learning the Mitteler Rebbe’s Maamarim!’

Seeing a young boy occupying his time with frivolous matters, the Rebbe lovingly encouraged him to reach his full potential.

The Rebbe saw potential in children where others could not. The time of the young was especially valuable, and on occasion the Rebbe would express deep wishes for its utilization in school, after school hours and during yom tov vacation.

Reb Yosef Yitzchok Katz relates:

As the kos shel bracha line moved along, the photographer Reb Levi Itche Freidin stood to the Rebbe’s far right and was snapping pictures. A twelve-year-old boy, a friend of mine, stood next to Mr. Freidin and occupied himself with changing the films for his cameras.

Suddenly the Rebbe bent over and looked at the boy. With the becher still in his hand, the Rebbe said to him:

“Your grandfather was immersed in the maamarim of the Mitteler Rebbe, and you waste your time playing with these toys?!”

As a father motivates his child, the Rebbe looked straight at him and said, “Start learning the Mitteler Rebbe’s maamarim!”

(As heard from Reb YY Katz)

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