Special Release: The Maamar Said After the Crown Heights Tragedy

In light of the countless tragedies around the world, including the loss of close to ninety beloved members of Anash, Lahak Hanochos has released a special edition of a Maamar the Rebbe delivered following a terrible murder in the heart of Crown Heights. Download on Anash.org.

Many still recall the Farbrengen of Motzaei Parshas Noach 5740 (1979). During the course of the Farbrengen, the Rebbe delivered a Maamar (Vayarech Hashem Es Reiach Hanichoach), and his voice broke several times during the delivery. 

It was only several days after the terrible murder of Reb Dovid Okunov, a well-known Baal Mesirus Nefesh and recent immigrant from the Soviet Union, who was senselessly attacked as he innocently made his way to Mikvah and Shacharis on Thursday, 4 Cheshvan.

On the audio-recording of the Farbrengen, the Rebbe’s voice is clearly choked with tears as he dwells on the terrible incident:

“The greatest question is, how is this possible? Following the endless Golus, persecution and annihilation which the Jewish people have endured, why are we still in exile? Why do we live in a darkness so black that these incidents continue to occur — without any reason or explanation whatsoever?

“However, notwithstanding the terrible state of affairs, Tehillim declares of the Jewish people, ‘זה דור דורשיו מבקשי פניך יעקב סלה, This is the generation of those who seek Him, who seek Your presence…’ Notwithstanding the darkness of exile, all they desire is to seek the presence of Hashem… This demonstrates the profound self-sacrifice of this generation.

“Our firm hope — founded on the Rabbeim’s promise — is that this will be the final incident, and it shall never again occur, rachmana litzlan. This will be the close of the past era, and from now onward we will experience only open and revealed good, in a state of revealed joy. Through a profound transformation in the spiritual realms, there will be a profound transformation in the material world as well. Although it is not yet evident to our physical eyes, it is surely the case, and we will witness it by breaking through all our barriers, and specifically through being joyful. 

“Then, our self-sacrifice will take on a different form, one of living people, in good and comfortable circumstances — in other words, our self-sacrifice will remain bikoach, in potential.”

This special release by Lahak Hanochos comes in light of the terrible coronavirus pandemic that has swept through the world and has taken a terrible toll on the worldwide Anash community, with the hope and prayer that Hashem send healing to the ill, comfort to the grieving, and good health and livelihood to all.

The booklet is dedicated in the memory of Rabbi Moshe Zaklikovsky, the Rebbe’s Shliach to Oak Park, Michigan for many decades, and a member of Otzar Hachasidim of Kehos for over fifty years.

The audio-recording of the Maamar is available on Ashreinu App, by Rabbi Elkanah Shmotkin and Jewish Educational Media. To listen, click here: https://ashreinu.page.link/xekr

To download the Maamar, click here: www.lahak.org/4728132

To download in print format, click here: www.lahak.org/media/pdf/1126/LTtK11269433.pdf

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