Special Mementos to be Distributed by Kinus Hatmimim

By: Anash.org staff

During the Kinus Hatmimim tonight marking the 70th Yud Shvat, two new publications released by the Vaad Hatmimim will be distributed as mementos.

The first is titled “קובץ השבעים”, published specially for Yud Shvat this year. The booklet contains descriptions of Yud Shvat by the Rebbe, as well as a collection of letters, stories, sichos, and pictures. Some of the unique content in this booklet is being published for the first time – pirsum rishon.

The second teshura, published in conjunction by Kehos and the Vaad Hatmimim, is called “הכנה לתפילה”. In this special booklet, small in size yet rich in content, the editors collected passages from Tanya and the Tzemach Tzedek’s summaries of Tanya which explain how to fulfill the mitzvos of loving and fearing Hashem. The words of Chassidus teach how one can come to keep these mitzvos which are a constant obligation on each individual, and not limited to a certain time of the day or date on the calendar.

The booklet is sold in stores and online for $12.99. Yet, understanding how much the holy words will contribute to bochurim’s davening, Vaad Hatmimim is offering a subsidized price of only $1, only at the Kinus.

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