Special Announcement Causes Celebration

On Thursday evening, following the joyous day of Hey Teves, the bochurim in Yeshiva Gedola Lubavich London sat down for a special gathering.

Mashpia Rabbi Mendel Gordon addressed the crowd about the importance of the day of Yud Shvat and travelling to the Rebbe. The talmidim hashluchim discussed how special it is to be celebrating seventy years from yud shvat, and therefore something special would be happening. If a proper preparation is made, the entire yeshiva will have the opportunity to come to New York and be with the Rebbe for Yud Shvat.

The shluchim then gave out the duchs, which will keep track of every bochur’s growth and preparation. The details of the mivtza were explained, and the two parts of the mivtza elaborated upon, to allow for every bochur to participate. The requirements are different things to strengthen the learning in yeshiva, and hiskashrus to the Rebbe.

Finally the shluchim told the bochurim about the trip planned. Every bochur who participates will be able to come to the Rebbe, with most of the expenses covered!

The excitement in the air was tangible after hearing that, and sure enough dancing erupted. The bochurim continued singing and dancing, beginning their preparations to travel to the Rebbe.

The next day the feelings were still burning, and the zal was full of the loud sounds of bochurim learning right from the start of seder. Every single bochur in the yeshiva is participating, and assuming the energy keeps pumping the entire yeshiva will very shortly be with the Rebbe.

It is certain that this is causing the Rebbe a lot of nachas, and hopefully we will see him long before Yud Shvat, and we will be able to celebrate the seventy years of the Rebbe’s leadership together with him in a physical body, and he will redeem us right now!

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