South Florida Prepares for 40th Chanukah Festival

By Chaim Lehrer

The 40th Annual South Florida Chassidic Chanukah Festival, the World’s Largest Annual Chanukah Festival, which is one of the biggest outreach programs in the world, will be held the fourth night of Chanukah.

The date is set for Wednesday December 25th, at 7PM, at Gulfstream Park and Casino in Hallandale Beach. The Festival features the hottest Jewish music superstar Mordechai Shapiro. Rabbi Raphael Tennenhaus, Chabad’s Executive Vice President, reminds everyone that: Admission to the Festival, as always, is FREE! 

Ever since the Festival moved to Gulfstream in 2007, crowds of 10,000 people and more have participated in the South Florida Chanukah Festival. 

Looking at the events today, you start to wonder. The story of a little candle pushing away the monster of frightening darkness, of human sensibility overcoming terror and brute force, of life and growth overcoming destruction – the battle is very much alive within each of us, and in the world outside of us.

In the past forty years, hundreds of individuals and families have become Shomer Shabbat, have sent their children to Jewish Day Schools, and have made Aliyah to Israel, thanks to their souls being ignited to Judaism FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME, at the annual Chanukah Festival. Approximately 200,000 people have attended the South Florida Annual Chanukah Festival since 1980. Chabad of South Broward Headquarters holds the distinction of hosting and sponsoring the World’s Largest Annual Chanukah Festival for the past 40 years. 

Rabbi Moshe Schwartz, Chabad’s Administrator since 1988, was actually inspired by a large public Menorah, back in the 1970’s, that brought him completely “back” to Torah and Mitzvos. “The impact of our Annual Chanukah Festival, is endless. We once had a father of a three month old boy call us, the day after our Chanukah Festival, and said that he wasn’t traditional and didn’t arrange a Bris Milah for his son. After attending our Chanukah Festival, this man was so inspired and proud to be a Jew, he had us arrange a Bris for his baby.” 

Tens of thousands of different people, from all walks of life, have participated at these Mega Chanukah Festivals, broadcast live around the world via 

Due to the large crowds who attended in the early 1980’s, the idea to reach an even larger crowd at a sports venue was then initiated by Chabad of South Broward. This materialized at a Miami Dolphins Football game back in 1987, with over 75,000 people in attendance. This trailblazing event has been continued many times over, bringing the Chanukah Menorah and message of Freedom to millions of people around the world, at football, basketball, hockey and soccer games. When you think of Global Chanukah Outreach, you think of Chabad of South Broward Headquarters. 

The Chanukah Festival will also feature Cantor Rabbi Yossy Lebovics, who will lead the lighting of Florida’s Largest Menorah. Scores of community dignitaries and leaders will be present, and real Chanukah Gelt and gift packages will be distributed to the thousands of children in attendance.

Rabbi Tennenhaus concluded,” Our Annual Chanukah Festival, like the olive oil found in the Holy Temple in the story of Chanukah, is pure! It’s three uniteruppted hours of pure Chanukah joy and Pirsumei Nissa – publicizing of the miracle of Chanukah. Every year the Lubavitcher Rebbe, gave us a blessing for our Chanukah Festival. One year, the Rebbe gave us a blessing that: The Chanukah Festival should grow each year like the lights of the Menorah grows each night.

Thanks to our generous sponsors, the 40th Annual Chanukah Festival on December 25th, will be our biggest and most successful in our 40 year history.

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