Son’s Sefer Printed at Father’s Resting Place

By reporter

This morning, 8 Tishrei, the yahrtzeit of Rav Boruch, the Alter Rebbe’s father, a special printing of the Sefer HaTanya took place at the Ohel of Rav Boruch, father of the Alter Rebbe, in Selish (Vinogradov), in the Carpathian Mountains region in Ukraine.

This special edition was printed by his descendants; Rabbi Mendel Wilhelm, shliach to Uzhgorod (Ungvar) and the Carpathian region, who is descended from the Alter Rebbe, as well as Rabbi Yosef Moshe and Ayala Zajac of Brazil.

The temimim Gershon Tzvi and Menachem Mendel Feldman, as well as Dovi Kubichek and Mendel Reinhold also assisted in the printing.

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