Solution Sought for Fabrengens, Mikva in Yeshivos

Most yeshivos in Eretz Yisroel have long opened, but the unique nature of Chabad yeshivos brings unique challenges. A meeting was held with the government this past week to find solutions.

By reporters

Most of the yeshivas in Eretz Yisroel have long returned to the learning, utilizing the ‘capsule’ format, but the Chabad yeshivas are still closed, as their unique nature brings unique challenges. Representatives of the yeshivos have been working with the Israeli government to find solutions over the past weeks.

On Wednesday, representatives of the Health Ministry toured Chabad yeshivos to find out about more about them, and to find a solution to allow them to return to learning.

Some of the challenges that only present themselves in Chabad yeshivos include the fact that bochurim use the mikvah everyday, and frequently hold farbrengens. These details, among others, make it harder for a Chabad yeshiva to reopen while fully keeping to health regulations.

The representatives of the Ministry of Health and senior government officials first toured the yeshivos that had already opened and checked that they are keeping to regulations. They then continued on to see the shuttered Chabad yeshivos.

After concluding the tours, the officials and yeshiva representatives then held meeting where they discussed possible scenarios. According to reports, a solution was found, and the bochurim will be returning to yeshivos as early as this week.

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