Project Likkutei Sichos: Socially Apart, Spiritually Together

As many are isolated at home due to quarantine, Project Likkutei Sichos has increased the number of online shiurim to uplift the atmosphere at home through Torah study.

By staff

As many of us are working from home at this time, avoiding large crowds and doing our best b’derech hateva to stay safe, Project Likkutei Sichos is announcing special live stream shiurim for the Sichos of this week. These will enable everyone to keep pace with the project, as well as strengthen our Emunah and Bitochon in Hashem, the healer of all flesh, as we join together to learn in digital unity.

Our behavior during an outbreak is a powerful lesson to our children. Let us all set aside our phones for a bit and dedicate ourselves to increasing in Limud HaTorah during this difficult period; this will uplift the atmosphere in our homes and demonstrate a better use of our precious time to our families.

If we must engage in social distancing b’gashmius, let’s unite b’ruchnius through Likkutei Sichos! May this Limmud Hatorah bring about the refuah and geulah for all of Klal Yisroel and the entire world.

The shiurim will be given by renowned maggidei shiurim and lecturers.

Yeshiva-Style Shiurim:

Vayakhel Alef – Rabbi Chaim Schapiro – Morristown

Monday – 5:00PM, ET

Vayakhel Beis – Rabbi Meir Shlomo Kaplan – Crown Heights

Tuesday 5:00 PM, ET

Pekudei Alef – Rabbi Eli Nosson Silberberg – Chicago

Thursday 5:00 PM, ET

Visit for audio and video links.

Farbrengen-Style Shiurim:

How Faith and Mesiras Nefesh Strengthen Your Immune System

Monday evening, 9:00 pm, Eastern Time, Rabbi Simon Jacobson on Vayakhel Beis

Why Do I Need a Rebbe? What Are the Qualities That Make for a Real Rebbe?

Wednesday evening, 9:00 pm, Eastern Time, Rabbi YY Jacobson, Pekudei Alef

All times are Eastern DST, “770 time”.

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