Smicha Yeshiva Announces New Online Track

Kollel Tiferes Menachem, the Smicha Yeshiva in Los Angeles, led by Rabbi Dovid Schmukler, held a lecture series on shidduchim and marriage, plus announces an online program.

Each year, Kollel Tiferes Menachem, the Smicha Yeshiva in Los Angeles, held an all-day marriage seminar with Rabbi Manis Friedman, addressing questions of before and during shidduchim, and after marriage.

Rabbi Friedman presents an eye-opening seminar, giving the students guiding principles and perspectives. This year, classes were held on Zoom, where he gave a clear and powerful presentation.

Next on the schedule of speakers, was acclaimed psychologist Rabbi Dr. Yosef Shagalow, who guided the students with his common sense and professional counsel, using his experience to give advice and insight.

And finally, the yeshiva was privileged to receive a presentation from famed mashpia Rabbi Yossi Paltiel, who gave a chassidishe perspective with warmth, sensitivity and wisdom. 

“These classes are essential,” says Rabbi Dovid Schmukler, Rosh HaKollel. “And this year, because we were on Zoom, many of our alumni were able to benefit as well. The response was overwhelmingly positive.”

This program is part of Kollel Tiferet Menachem’s undertaking to educate and equip the students for setting up a healthy and happy Chassidishe home and has been graciously sponsored by the Zipp Famliy.

After 20 years of traditional education Baruch Hashem, in light of recent events, Kollel Tiferet Menachem is delighted to announce an expanded program for the upcoming academic year b’ezras Hashem. While the traditional in-person Yeshiva is open this year as usual, an online program will be up and running for next year as well, making the curriculum and educational opportunities available for those who want to join virtually.

For more information, please visit or e-mail [email protected].

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