Siyum Sefer Torah to Honor Alan Dershowitz

A brand new Sefer Torah, will be concluded and dedicated, in honor of – and in deep appreciation for – Prof. Alan Dershowitz for his efforts and involvement in the Rubashkin case.

The event is scheduled for Thursday evening, the 10th of Sivan – June 13th. (Schedule below.) The procession will take place in front of 770 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn NY; All are encouraged to attend to show him hakoras hatov and to recognize to selfless work done by him and The Aleph Institute for countless Jews.

This Torah was commissioned by a prominent philanthropist, who (like so many others) is moved to the core by the breadth and scope of Alan’s kindness, and advocacy for the people and land of Israel. Indeed, it’s nearly impossible to quantify the relief, the joy and the hope, that Alan has brought – and continues to bring to so many in need – through his loving and compassionate willingness to help anyone in need, in any way he can.

A Sefer Torah is only valid, once each and every letter – which our sages teach us represent souls – is complete. Very much in line with Alan’s deeply inspiring legacy and his relentless efforts to caring for each and every individual human being, whose plight reaches his attention.

Siyum Sefer Torah Schedule:

5:15: Sofer completes Torah at the Jewish Children’s Museum (downstairs, 792 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11213).

6:30: Procession from the Jewish Children’s Museum to 770 Eastern Parkway

7: Hakafos – celebrating / dancing – at 770 Eastern Parkway

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