Siyum Marks Toronto Achievements

Yeshivas Lubavitch Toronto ended a year-long Mivtza Torah with a siyum on the newly completed masechta.

Each year, Lubavitcher Yeshivos learn a specific mesechta as part of the 8 year cycle of learning. This year, the masechta learned was Maseches Pesachim.

A Mivtza Torah was launched to encourage the bochurim to learn more than the amount that is required by the yeshiva, and included as part of seder. Over 30 bochurim in Yeshivas Lubavitch Toronto finished the entire mesechta, which consists of 120 dafim.

A siyum commenced on Wednesday and certificates were given to all those who completed the Mivtza Torah. The siyum, made by Menachem Mendel Weber, was followed by a hadran delivered by Yisroel Ganzburg. The bochurim were then addressed by guest speaker Rabbi Nechemia Deitch.

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