Siyum HaRambam Kits Shipped to Kids Nationwide

Thousands of children are busy unpacking their Siyum HaRambam kits as they eagerly await the event that will unite families around the world in their daily study of Rambam.

By reporter

Thousands of children are gearing up for the Grand Siyum HaRambam with the accompanying Siyum kit, complete with branded T-shirt, moreh shiur for the upcoming learning cycle, pen, magnets and VIP raffle ticket.

The virtual Siyum, planned for Thursday, 17th of Tammuz – July 9th at 12:30 PM, will unite children across the globe who learn Rambam and/or Sefer Hamitzvos every single day. The program, arranged in conjunction with Chitas for Kids, is geared for the whole family and will be streamed live at

The Siyum will be hosted by popular singer Benny Friedman, featuring a brand new episode of Mitzvah Boulevard plus a Connection Point Home program with questions and prizes for all involved. In addition, an exciting Daily Rambam Program for children will be introduced by the Daily Rambam mascots.

Get your kids excited for the Grand Siyum HaRambam with the accompanying kit. To ensure your package reaches you on time, the deadline for ordering is Wednesday 9th of Tammuz – July 1st. Click here to place your order.

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