Siyum Celebrated in Crown Heights Backyard

Boys from Rabbi Mendel Schtroks’ fourth grade class in Oholei Torah gathered in a backyard to celebrate a siyum on Masechta Rosh Hashana, making it the first time the boys saw each other since schools closed.

By reporter

After not seeing each other in person in over two months, a class in Oholei Torah finally got together for a celebration.

The fourth grade class of Rabbi Mendel Schtroks’ in Oholei Torah have been learning on Zoom since schools closed shortly after Purim. Yet even with all the changes, the boys and their teacher managed to reach a milestone of finishing Masechta Rosh Hashana, with time to spare until the end of the school year.

When the students were asked what type of celebration they would prefer, almost unanimously they said that they would like to gather in person, and see their classmates for the first time in months. With current government regulations allowing for small gatherings, Rabbi Schtroks set out to make it happen.

After a short search, a backyard was found that was large enough to host all the boys with proper social distancing. The parents were consulted, and a date was set for the siyum.

On the set day, the boys gathered for a class BBQ, celebrating the siyum and a class reunion of sorts. The boys sat apart while enjoying the delicious lunch and listening to stories and words of inspiration from their teacher and a parent.

Parents say that the boys were most excited to see each other again, and can’t wait for the day that school resumes in a normal setting.

Seeing the success and the possibility, other classes and schools started planning their own class get-togethers before the end of the year. Teachers are seeking ways to have each class come together at least once before the end of the year, in a way that is both enjoyable and permitted by health regulations.

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