Singer Dedicates Single to His Late Daughter

Ahead of the third yahrzeit of Chaya Hadar Jerufi a”h, her father, Lubavitcher singer Yisroel Jerufi released a single marking the yahrzeit and the completion of a Sefer Torah he himself wrote in her memory. 

Lubavitcher singer Yisroel Jerufi released a single ahead of the third yahrzeit of his daughter Chaya Hadar, which he dedicated in her memory.

The words to the song are from the tefillah we say on Simchas Torah and by a Siyum Sefer Torah. The song was composed by Jerufi for the Hachnasas Sefer Torah that he himself wrote in memory of his daughter. The song, and the accompanying music video, conveys the strong emotion and joy experienced by all the participants in the Siyum Sefer Torah.

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