Police Issue Warning Against 770 Vendors

A sign hanging in 770 states that selling goods outside the building from September 25 until October 25 is illegal and may result in a summons.

“Several community organizations and Rabbis have reached out to the precinct requesting no vending or selling of any types of goods or services in front of or on the side of 770,” reads the sign.

The letter continues, stating that for security reasons “all goods will be confiscated and summonses may be issued.” The letter is allegedly signed by the 71st precinct.

The sign is typewritten on a plain paper and bears no official NYPD letterhead. It has not yet been verified whether or not it is a legitimate document, and if selling outside 770 this month will actually result in legal action being taken.

Either way, the sign is proving effective; vendors who were previously seen operating right outside 770 have now relocated across the street.

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