Alter Rebbe’s Siddur Gets New Look

By reporter and Kehos

For years, you’ve been waiting for this. It’s been out of print your whole life, save for a few times here and there. By the time you got to the store, it was gone. Most shuls already don’t have any copies. Your father has one in his seforim shaffe, but it’s so difficult to read, with the old, original print. But finally, your wait is finally over!

The Alter Rebbe’s siddur – known as the “Siddur Im Dach” – or the סדר תפילות מכל השנה עם פירוש המילות ע”פ דא”ח – is the first sefer that the Mitteler Rebbe published after the histalkus of the Alter Rebbe, in 5576/1816 in Kopust. The most recent print (before the new one) of the siddur was a copy of the 5623/1863 Zhitomir print. It has the Alter Rebbe’s nusach, plus applicable halachos and minhogim, plus pirush hamilos according to chassidus.

The Alter Rebbe would say ma’amorim every Shabbos for a select group of chassidim – including his sons. After the ma’amar there would be chazzarah, and then after Shabbos, some of the Chassidim would write it down, those drafts are known as hanochos. The Mitteler Rebbe chose some of these ma’amorim and published them in the siddur. Some of these hanochos were seen by the Alter Rebbe, and some were reviewed by the Tzemach Tzedek.

Now the siddur has finally been totally revamped, with a brand new look. Other improvements and additions include:

  • The ma’amorim have been reviewed from the source – the ksav yad kodesh of the Mittler Rebbe. Necessary corrections were made.
  • The text has been changed to אותיות מרובעות from the old ksav Rashi. The page numbers from the old releases have been added to the margins for comparison reasons.
  • The ma’amorim have been divided into sentences and paragraphs so that the learner can have an easier understanding.
  • Footnotes, including mar’ei mekomos relevant to the ma’amorim were added to the bottom of the pages.
  • Table of contents added to each volume for all the ma’amorim in the volume.

It has also been divided into two volumes, so you can only take out the section that you need. It has just arrived at Kehos in Crown Heights and at other fine Jewish bookstores.

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