Shluchim Open Overnight Camp in Mexico

A new overnight camp will be opening in Los Cabos, Mexico, directed by local shluchim Rabbi Benny and Sonia Hershcovich, with three weeks for boys aged 12-14 and three weeks for girls aged 13-15.

With camps closing due to COVID 19, Rabbi Benny Hershcovich and his wife Sonia, from Chabad of Los Cabos, Mexico, have decided to realize a lifelong dream of opening a summer camp experience. The three week camp will host boys, aged 12-14, from June 30 to July 21 (8 tammuz to 29 Tammuz). Then, they will accept girls aged 13-15 for three weeks from August 3 to Augsut 24 (13 Av to 4 Elul).

Beautiful Los Cabos, Mexico, has just been awarded by the “World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) as a “Safe Travel Destination,” due to their strict adherence to the health regulations put forth by the World Health Organization (WHO) and by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

With only a maximum of 15 campers accepted to the camp, it’s going to provide very personal attention and focus on nurturing chassidus, hiskashrus and meaning into Yiddishkeit, along with providing an out of the box style camp experience.

Incredible daily trips, such a ATV’ing, snorkeling and surfing, are just a tiny bit of the unforgettable experience that Gan Israel Cabo is going to offer.

Rabbi Benny and Sonia have baruch Hashem experience in running and directing camps throughout the years and their passion has always been in sharing the joys of Yiddishkeit and chassidus with the world. Being able to share the beauty and magic of Cabo, Mexico, in a chassidishe and fun environment is one of their dreams since moving out on Shlichus 11 years ago.

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