Chabad of New Jersey Reaches New Milestone

From left to right: shluchim Rabbi Shmuel Wilhelm, Rabbi Itche Kahan, and Rabbi Mendy Mangel.

by reporter

At the 25th Anniversary Gala for Chabad of Burlington and Camden Counties in New Jersey, Rabbi Mendy Mangel announced the establishment of the 60th Chabad House in the state.

In honor of 25 years since Gimmel Tammuz, Rabbi Shmuel and Mushky Wilhelm are moving to Florence, New Jersey to open a Chabad center which will serve the Florence, Bordentown and Burlington Townships.

The center will include a shul, which will host multiple daily minyanim, as well as an expansive library, dining area and recreation room. In addition to serving the local yidden living in these townships, the new Chabad center aims to be a second home for those who commute daily from Brooklyn, Monsey and Lakewood to work at local warehouses and businesses.

Though much of the funding for the new center has already been secured, an additional $80,000 is needed in order to get this new venture up and running with a strong start. To be a partner in opening a new Chabad House in honor of Gimmel Tammuz, click here and donate to the campaign.

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